The mission of the Samuel and Barbara Sternberg Cancer Research Foundation is to conduct, develop, coordinate, and stimulate clinical and laboratory research in Italy and worldwide and to improve the management of cancer patients through programs related to patient care, cutting edge research and education. This will be accomplished through genomic and whole genomic DNA sequencing as well as RNA sequencing of patients’ tumors and circulating tumor cells in blood. If molecular drivers are identified, all efforts will be made to obtain the most appropriate pharmaceuticals for these patients.

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Overview and Background

Precision Medicine

Medical Oncology is a science in rapid evolution. We are witnessing every day important developments in molecular medicine that clearly have positive impacts on improving cancer treatments. The future will hopefully provide individualized, personalized, tailored treatment based upon modern molecular imaging and genomic sequencing profiling through next generation sequencing of DNA and RNA in tissue and in blood and artificial intelligence. An appreciation of evidenced based medicine has been responsible for most of the progress that has been made until now. To take advantage of the wonderful work in progress and to advance the state of the art in medical research and treatment the Samuel and Barbara Sternberg Cancer Research Foundation ETS was formed.

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New Therapies


The Samuel and Barbara Sternberg Cancer Research Foundation vision is to evaluate more effective therapeutic strategies to facilitate and improve the standard of cancer in Italy and worldwide through the development of new treatments and other innovative approaches. This will involve evaluating new experimental approaches to Oncology, including artificial intelligence, and using pharmaceuticals which often are not yet commercially available. In addition, the foundation will act as a center for innovative research being conducted around the world providing an on-line data base of the most prominent research, status of the trials and summaries of the findings and accomplishments.

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Support Precision Medicine

Support Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is the medicine of the future as it takes into account individual variability in terms of genetic characteristics, environment and lifestyles. The technologies and technologies used are very expensive: the sequencing of large quantities of DNA for example, and drugs developed to target a person's genetic or molecular characteristics. The Foundation promotes research initiatives and fights to make new drugs available to cancer patients.

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What are the goals of the Foundation?

Provide scholarships to Italian oncologists, biologists and other health care members for projects related to Precision Medicine

Help young bright oncologists to establish connections with the EIPM and other International Cancer centers

Provide treatments for Oncology patients that have been identified though Precision Medicine

To create a bridge between Italian patients and this cutting-edge new way to treat cancer

Bring Precision Medicine to Italian Hospitals and Italian patients in collaboration with International Consortia

Create connections between different specialists in Italy such as oncology, pathology, radiology and bioinformatics

Create awareness and education among health professionals and patients about the benefits of Precision Medicine

Making new drugs available to patients will be one important goal of the Foundation

Founder and Executive Director

Who is doctor Cora N. Sternberg?

Dr. Cora Sternberg is an American oncologist who trained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and was the Chief of Medical Oncology in one of Italy’s largest public hospitals in Rome. Since 1 November 2018 He has been working with a group of multidisciplinary researchers and wishes to promote and bring Precision Medicine to Italy.